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Hey guys,

I am wanting to find a proactive website chat system to where I can track and then interact with visitors on my site. I have heard of a few like Whoson and Liveperson but I wanted to see if there is anyone here who has used anything like this and get a little feedback.



Hey yes I noticed that but it didn't look like a Proactive chat solution. Proactive meaning I would like to be able to initiate the contact myself.

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Might scare shy people away like me ?
Is your site Sales oriented ?

Maybe a tweaked Notice might be helpful.
It would display the next time they click on something.
and it could be a "Custom" message from you.
Maybe directing them to ask any questions in the TaigaChat ?


No... It is a pay it forward based site where people can give stuff away and also take items away... The chat would just be for the purpose of asking if they had any questions with anything. This is a not for profit website...

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just to clarify... in the Notices section you referenced above... Is that already released?
Not yet. It's due for xF 1.1 [due out this summer]
Watch the video ... it's a really interesting method of alerting site surfers about almost anything.
I'm super impressed.


seeing as how 1.1 should be out fairly soon I hope... I will probably just wait until then before installing any other addons...

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I wonder if a ONLINE button would work even better ?
Something that shows you are available and when you last updated your status ?


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I highly recommend checking out Olark.

  • See all the activity on your site at once in real-time and proactively chat with your visitors.
    • If you already have an IM client (even a mobile one on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry), you're ready to use Olark. Live inside Gmail? You can carry on live chats without leaving the site! Any chat client that supports Jabber/XMPP or Gtalk is perfect for chatting with visitors on your site (like iChat, Adium, Pidgin, Meebo, GTalk, etc)!
  • Our customizable chat box stays on your page so that visitors can easily chat and continue activity on your site (like buying more product!).
    • The chat box is customizable with different themes, colors, and multiple language strings. Callout images, offline messages, and pre-chat name and email are all a snap (if visitors log into your site, ask us about how you can display the ACTUAL name of your visitors without even asking!). For pro users we even have an optional CSS customization upgrade for even more control over the look and feel.
  • An easy copy & paste is all it takes!
    • Our fully asynchronous JavaScript (that's fancy talk for it won't slow down loading of content on your page or stall your page should anything happen with our servers) installs easily onto each page of your site. We even have tutorials to guide you through installation on most popular platforms.


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We have an easy to use live chat software, called mylivechat. The
proactive chat feature of mylivechat lets your live chat operators reach out to online visitors and offer proactive assistance, push conversions, and help drive online sales.

It's free if your account contains 1 operator. Hope it helps.