"Private Threads" for XF?


Quick question:
Currently we use VB3.8 on our site and absolutely rely on a specific permission option that vB offers, which is "Can View Others' Threads". We use that to make sure the details in threads created in a particular forum are kept between the staff and the user.

I was wondering if a similar, or same, set of permissions will be added to XF at some point in the near future, maybe with the final release. I did a few searches but couldn´t really come up with something useful about this and from what it looks like there is no way to realize that with the current permissions available, right?


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That isn't possible at the moment but a suggestion has been made for that functionality.

What you see now is what will be in the first stable release.


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We use this too (vB 4.1.1) as an inbox of sorts for users to provide articles for our CMS without the need to give them CMS write permissions. CMS permissions in vB Publishing Suite are a nightmare to say the least.

So, you've got my vote for this suggestion (which will shortly be moved to the corresponding forum section, I bet). :)


Thanks for posting the links. So looks like the suggestion was made already. All i can do then is to hope it getting implemented at some point :)