XF 1.3 Private Forum Setup

Floyd R Turbo

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I found this thread


which started to answer my question, specifically the posts by @Martok, but not fully. So here goes.

I'm setting up a new forum and it will be fully private so that you have to register in order to see any of the community sections, that's rather simple to do with group permission settings, but I also wish to hide all member information (including online status, everything) from view of the public and first-level registration.

So there will be the standard "registered" group, and the secondary "verified" usergroup.

Guests see nothing - no online status, no list of members, just the public pages.

Registered users would be able to communicate with staff in order to verify their identity, etc, but still not see the verified members (at all - not even a list of member), forums, online status, etc.

Verified members (which are verified manually) would then have full access.

Is there a particular add-on that accomplishes this? Can this be done via the base package (xF 1.3)? Or, would this require a lot of custom mods?


Floyd R Turbo

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I figured out a big step. I made the "registered" group the same as the "Unregistered / Unconfirmed" group and both of these are set with all permissions to "Not Set (No)", with the exceptions of "Edit Profile" and "Follow message moderation rules" set to "Allow" in both groups. This has the desired effect - you can't see anything at all on the forum, no nodes, messages, users, nothing. All you get when clicking all the links is "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." including hovering over the inbox and alerts links. Also, the Contact Us link is not allowed.

The only thing I want to do is allow conversations with the restriction that they cannot initiate one, but they can receive and participate in one, however the only way to allow this to happen seems to be to allow "view" which then shows everything.

I don't know that there is any way to allow only conversations once someone has registered. This is what I would use at the intermediary step to confirm someone's identity and then manually add them to the "Verified" group. But I suppose this could be performed via e-mail as well. Any solution would be appreciated