Private Conversations Debate Thread


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Where is the thread where Kier stated that private conversations are not called private messages in order to avoid privacy law violations?


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Thanks man. Today I let my members know that I can read their pms if I have to and wanted to link em to that thread.


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I believe the phrase is now "Personal Conversation" and the 'private' was dropped because others can be invited into the conversation, therefore no longer making them strictly private between two individuals only.

Also, before IPB3 and XF (and possible vB4?) there were no such conversations, because the messages were sent and received independently of each other and were not linked together in a threaded conversation like you have now; you had an Inbox and Sent Items and you had to check both sections and patch the conversation elements together yourself, manually.

That being said, I treat them as private and don't read people's personal conversations, with the extremely rare exception of a PC being reported to me.

Shaun :D