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Hi all, at first let me tell you I'm really happy for you that the lawsuit was dropped. Seriously.

I'm planning to convert my forum into XF so I have a question. Are you planning to do something with the private convos. I understand it's your way of realization. But at list they can be linear so one doesn't need to open a dozen of messages just to remove them.

Don't get me wrong please imo it's just doesn't seem to be user friendly.
Whereas I agree there needs to be some better message management (mass actions, etc.) I think the system is way more user friendly generally.

I mean, one point I always make is... why remove them anyway?

It's not like vBulletin where you have an allocation of messages, you won't run out of space.

They're like threads. But personal ones.

You don't very well go through your forum deleting all your oldest threads. You leave them there and they fall to the bottom of the page and get buried under many more pages. That's how I see Conversations.
Yes sure I read a lot before I opened this thread I have seen that explanation. But let me put it this way. On my forum small but proud :) most users are collectors. From time to time they make a purchase from each other. Personal info, general caution etc etc.
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