Private conversation reply limit


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Is there a way to limit the number of posts in an conversation? Lets says 10 people in the conversation and they keep on chatting privately until the conversation goes to 100,000+ posts which make server lagging.

As admins we can not monitor or interfere with that since its a private conversation and we will have no clue about such actions. On large forums server get laggy with 15,000+ replies on normal public threads.
So please make some way to limit the number of posts in a private conversation.


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I also need this, people on my board have many conversations with more than 10,000 messages in a single conversation. I'd definitely want to set a reason-able limit.


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Thanks guys, there are lot of addons for managing conversations and many have the same features and lacking some others.
Eg.. if i install one of your conv limit addon it will interfere with some other large conversation addon which has lot of other conv features but lacks limiting factor.
So if we install many of them at once, it might cause compatibility issues.

So i think this conversation post limit is an essential feature for almost every forum. You can't expect your users to have small conv threads, they will chat endlessly as they do in Facebook.
Or worst may be a spammer can create a huge thread with a bot and we have no way to see that private conv.
So it should be a xenforo core feature.