primary usergroup


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This can already be done with secondary user groups. Use the user upgrades feature.

Users' primary user group should always be Registered. Any additional user groups should be secondary.
its just that when i change the settings on usergroup permissions such as personal convo in registered it effects the secondary also ... for example i take away permission to start personal convo in registered but allow it in a secondary but still those who are in the secondary cannot personal convo ( if that makes sense )

is there a revoke settings addon for usergroups like we have in node permissions?
i did that but its basing the primaries permissions as a fixed permission, even if the secondary users have permissions primary do not it still doesnt allow the secondary to have those permissions for some reason...

i took away permission to see shoutbox for registered ( primary ) but allowed in members ( secondary ) but still those in secondary couldnt see it


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Anything you don't want the Registered group to do should be marked as Not Set (No) in their permissions. If you to that, there's no way they can do something that has that permission setting.

I suggest you read this guide

If you are still having issues, use Analyse Permissions in the Act to check where you have set permissions incorrectly. If necessary, post a screenshot.
iv sorted it now, turned out that i had messed something up when trying to upload my taiga chat the other day, my url ran the back up now is all working perfectly