Prices changes anytime soon?


Will the price for XenForo license be increasing anytime soon? As I need a month or so to buy a license of my own, so far I have been helping a friend with is XenForo forum and I'm starting to love it!


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I don't see why it would increase. $140 seems to be a pretty nice price point to compete in the market, and any fluctuations in pricing in a short period of time would likely do more harm than good.


I have had a huge talk about this with a VC, and we both agreed that it would not benefit them at all to change an announced price that was introduced with a discount when it goes gold.

It would make more sense to do this at 1.1 or higher, and as time goes by.

It would hurt business and trust if they know people are waiting for a gold release, just to find out they then have to pay more. Seeing how wonderful business is going at the moment and how they started with an introduction price, they clearly care about their customers and it's unrealistic to assume they make that mistake.