XF 1.5 Prevent users from posting email addresses


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Is there a way to prevent users from posting their email address in posts and conversations?
I've tried adding the phrase
to spam phrases in the ACP spam management options, but this doesn't seem to do the trick.
Thanks for your help.


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I have not tried it. But the censor will not prevent users from posting email links. It will simply replace the at, which imo is useless.


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What about using the censoring options?
This is exactly what we do on our board to keep email harvesters from retrieving such, along with using ZB-BLOCK.

Just make *@* a censored word and you can even define a specific custom replacement for it.(i.e. *@* is replaced with c4h yq, thus John@yahoo.com becomes Johnc4h yqyahoo.com)

Under Home/Options/Spam Management in the Spam Phrases also enter
And Xenforo can automatically throw any such posts into a Moderation Que for you.
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I wondered about that as well, but yes Tagging Users works just fine even with the @ symbol censored.

In AdminCP, under Home/Options/User Alerts I did opt to not check the __Keep @ character with user mentions box, so we don't have any @ symbols showing up on our board.


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I can't explain why, but when a user makes a post with their email address in it our board does not show a link.

For example, here is the content of a post…
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.21.09 AM.jpg

Which appears like this…
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.21.34 AM.jpg
within the thread.

However, if/when that post is ever opened up and edited then a LINK will appear as you have denoted…
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.22.09 AM.jpg

I have no idea why an original (i.e. untouched) post does not show a LINK, while an edited one will. That's also the reason I mentioned using the custom replacement for the @ symbol when censoring it, as it makes it less obvious what the correct email address is.