XF 2.1 Prevent Admins/Mods from being ignored?


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AFAIK staff can not be ignored by default. You might have a addon or style conflict.

Yeah, that was my recollection as well. Haven't had to test it in a long time, but I am sure we had some fuss about it when a member who is perpetually baiting people (currently on an 8 month involuntary holiday from the forums:rolleyes:) realized he couldn't ignore the mods who were telling him to knock it off.


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I only have 1 mod, it's the page generation mod: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/page-generation-stats-and-time.6746/

Trying to keep mods to a minimal, only using that so I can monitor the page loading times as I'm continuing to customize my styles.

I just tried switching back to the original default style, which remains untouched, and I was able to ignore the Admin & Mod accounts. I just recalled that I'm using the Admin & Mod groups as primary user groups, I really didn't like the secondary method. That change forced both Admin & Mod accounts to use 2FA, so maybe it's affecting the ignore function here as well?
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I just recalled that I'm using the Admin & Mod groups as primary user groups
It's recommended to have the Registered group as the primary user group for everyone and have other groups as secondary groups. That's how the XenForo permission system was designed. It's also more difficult for XF staff to assist with permissions issues if you don't use the recommended setup. If you're not confident as to how you should correctly use this, this guide is helpful.

As for your admins and mods - having members in the Admin and Mod user groups does not make them admins and mods. They are simply labels for user groups. You have to add users to the Administrators and Moderators sections in the ACP for them to be admins and mods. The user groups are useful though to give them the same permissions easily (if they are super moderators for example) rather than having to tick all of the permissions in the Moderators section when you add them. That's how I do it for my mods - add them to Moderators (as super moderators) then add them to the moderators user group which I've configured with the permissions I want them to all have.