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Robert9 submitted a new resource:

Prev / Next Threads - "Prev/next" function for threads with carousel mode

[H2][Xencafe] Prev Next Threads - Add-on for Xenforo 2[/H2]
The add-on shows optionally above and/or below a thread two links each to jump to the previous or next entry within a category.

The sorting can be defined. Likewise, one specifies whether one can jump at the beginning and/or at the end to the last and/or first thread.

For the display, you can choose the text links back and forward or the shortened title of a thread.

The buttons themselves can be positioned differently via...

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You can use test/test to see it in action here.

It is the last thread, linked to the first thread.
Using "center", using show "prev/next, no titles, using "show top and bottom"
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