XF 2.2 Prefix sort by default

Hello, when opening a forum can you assign a default prefix instead of "any" ?

For example when I go to a fruit forum, with apple and banana threads, I have 2 prefix (Apple and banana), currently it shows me apples and bananas. If I want to display only apples, I have to go to filter, choose apples and click on filter.

I would like to be able to choose apples or bananas by default instead of everything when I open the fruit forum.
I already use it. The search forum does not allow to display article type mode with grid responsive.

Looking at the spoilers, I created a search forum for items for sale and for search items.

Below I have the sample article forum with preview but I have all the discussions with sold, for sale and searched articles.

My goal is to be able to choose by default the items for sale in the responsive grid because it is much nicer visually. Then nothing prevents the members to use the filter or the search forum to