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Prefix Permissions

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if there is any way to be able to limit certain prefixes to a select number of usergroups.
I am asking this, as we are currently running a gaming server and have a whitelist system that lets the player on if they are on that list. To get on the list, the user needs to apply on the forum. Ideally what we would like to achieve is a system where only the Admins and Mods of the forum can change the prefix of the thread to Accepted or Rejected. Having this system makes it much easier to set examples to new users, and it lets everyone know without even clicking on the thread if the user was accepted or not (which saves us Admins and Mods time too!)

Thank you


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Prefixes can be restricted to certain usergroup and forum combinations.

The Forums and Permissions tab allows you to define which user groups can use the prefix and in which forums. It is not possible to configure different user groups and forum combinations at this screen, that can only be done via the node configuration options.

Thread title editing is a moderator function however, and it covers all threads in the forum for which the permission is granted.