Prefix Forum Listing

Prefix Forum Listing 1.2.5

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Despite setting the option below to "1", prefixes with 0 threads are still displayed.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Thank you.
Nice add-on!
I have a suggestion. How about an optional link in the list of prefixes that shows threads without any prefix?
Great add on Fuhrmann, thanks for sharing it.

One cosmetic suggestion is that when you're looking at the filtered thread view, the filter that's applied is listed in blue. If it could retain the color styling of the prefix that would be cool :)
Fuhrmann, I have defined some custom prefixes. They're is an overlapping issue. It doesn't take the Margin Bottom preference in account.

Is it possible to have the thread prefix listing on the main page beside the forums?

For example :
Top Bottom