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Running 1.2.5 and have an issue with who can view the Prefix tags. In the forum anyone can view, but only people who have permissions to apply the prefix tag to a thread are able to see it in the Prefix Forum listing. This is a great plugin and would love to have a fix for this.

Looks like a similar issue was reported back on post 150
There's a bug with the fixed version that makes thread prefixes not show up in the listing if usergroup permissions have been applied to it.
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Hello. This is such a great addon. Would it be possible that you allow us to replace Show All Link as an image? So that we could add the same style as the prefixes we use and that it would look uniform in the thread view.
This is almost perfect, I just have one problem. When I change the permissions of the prefixes, they only appear for members who are allowed use them. So guests and regular members cannot click to browse specific prefixes, only admins are able to. But they can still be accessed by using the Thread Display Options menu.

Is there any way I can fix this?
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I'm sad to see this is unmaintained. It's probably the one addon that I (and my users) would count as obligatory so if it doesn't make it to xenforo 2 we will be very sad :(

However I have noticed that the xenforo prefix filter is a bit less hidden in xenforo 2, but I think the workaround without this addon will be to somehow make that more obvious.

I really don't want to pay for the other addon which does this, I have issues with the attitude of developers who take over free addons, then add loads of other stuff I don't want and then start charging just because there are all those extra features. :(
Whow, just saw it: unmaintained :eek: What a shock!
Use it for xf 1.5.12 and will keep it as long as possible - it is essential for me. Is there any chance to maintain this add-on, please? I am willing to donate/fund...
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I installed both this and the paid one. I think this one is cleaner and I disabled the prefix display in the forum for the other. I also have multiple prefixes installed. I would really like to have the prefix categories listed instead of the prefixes with a drop down for each category showing the prefixes. The display on the threads is fine.

There does not seem to be a way to select multiple prefixes while viewing with any of these. We have subjects like Clocks and could use prefixes for type of clock, maker, repair, etc. so that someone posting an Anniversary Clock, by Gustav Becker, that needed a part, could be completely identified and someone else wanting to repair a similar clock could find the thread easily.

I think the ignore feature in the other add-on is possibly useful but would like to see it have a much cleaner look in the user preferences page.
I do not remember right now. It has been an insane 6 months for our site roll out. I am still working to restore 44,300 images that were lost during the transfer because of various options we had installed on vBulletin.
Prefixes are not listed if usergroups don't have permission to use them. That doesn't make sense to me. Even if a user doesn't have permission to use a prefix they should still be able to filter a forum by it. Anyone know how to drop the permission check?
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