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Prefix Display - Forum List


Well-known member
Not sure if bug, inconsistency, or what... also ties into another thread that was moved as it was considered a bug, but didn't want to lose this suggestion.

Currently, prefixes are shown everywhere but on the forum list view.

Alerts, Profile Page [Recent Activity, Posts, and Resources tabs], Recent Activity, New Posts Page (and tabs included)

All except one...

My suggestion, add the ability to have prefixes displayed in the one location they are not.


Well-known member
I'm not for or against this, but the decision was likely intentional.

There's not a lot room, so it could make the area look a bit... ugly, for lack of a better word.

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
Prefixes give threads context. E.g. For Sale. Show the thread without the prefix and you can lose a significant element of the title. I therefore think this is an essential suggestion. An omission, even, from the core.