Preferred Date Format

What is your preferred date format and why?

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What is your preferred date format and why?

Generally, I like the US numerical format with no leading zeroes and the full year, such as 4/9/2015. I do make one exception, which is on my YouTube video descriptions. For all my videos, I use "This video was recorded on April 14, 2015," just not that date, obviously, because I feel written out looks better there, but otherwise I prefer the numerical format.


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I hate the US numerical format... its completely illogical...

It should be DD/MM/YYYY, not MM/DD/YYYY.

Why? Scaling degrees of significance.

A set of days combines to create a month, and a set of months combine to create a year. So D < M < Y.

April 14, 2015 is better expressed as 14 April 2015 because the degrees of significance increases with each piece of information.


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That being said... when I note things, I would note April 14, 2015 as...


For obvious reasons, its ordered the way it is because it has a DECREASING degree of significance. Having a decreased degree of significance is better for file formatting. If I am naming files and directories by date, and I do it "04-15-2015", then it would group all items in the month of April together, regardless of what year its from. So 2014 and 2013 folders would be mixed in with 2015.

Naming it with a decreasing degree of significance insures that files and folders are sorted ACCURATELY.


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such as 4/9/2015.
American people often use M/d/Y.
So it is very confusing to have just numbers, specially when the seperator is a slash, then you can't know if it is the 5th of September or the 9th of April.
Whereas in Europe it is standardized: d/m/Y, so 04.09.2015 with a dot as a seperator.

But as the web is international, it is not a good idea to use only numbers and specially numbers without zeros in front of them.

So the best way is, in my opinion: 14 April 2015
This is foolproof for every human being, if the months are phrased like in Xenforo, so in a different language it will look differently.
But if you don't want to have the problem with a word in a date because some people might won't understand that word (the month), the European way is the best way as 14.09.2015 or 14.09.15


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On a third note, when I do my tournaments, I have dates listed at the bottom. We have a large international community and most countries do not do the US ordering. They would instead, PROPERLY do DD/MM/YYYY. So rather than doing MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY which could create confusion because of varying locales between viewers; I would instead do:



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I've not voted for an option as there are three I would use in different circumstances, 14 April 2015, 14/4/15 and 14/4/2015.

As Jaxel has said, the US date system is completely illogical. It makes no sense to put the month before the day and have the date last. The two logical systems are DMY (used in European and other countries) and YMD (typically used in countries like Japan and China).

Here's some info on which countries use what format. Very few use MDY.


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Makes no sense having the month, before the day.
Just like it makes no sense to use the Imperial system in the 21st century, either, there's only about 3? countries who still use it, the USA included. ;)

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Always, always, always d/m/yyyy

I honestly have no idea how someone can use a different method, completely illogical.

When using a long date, I put:

Day Date Month, Year