pre sales testing the software


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Hello, after much research it looks like I am going for XenForo (well done by the way on what looks like great software).

Given I am learning most everything as I go. I would like to download the software to a Domain (that I currently use) that I will most likely not be using for my future XenForo intentions. I just want to hide it there so as to learn, test, make mistakes etc...

Question 1. My question is can I do this and then pick everything up (everything XenForo) and place it in a new hosted domain later?

The reason for this is I purchased a new domain name (which will be for this new project) with Godaddy but I am not allowed to move it until 60 days from purchase?

That said, I currently use Littleoak for hosting as I used Rapidweaver to build my site and Littleoak was recommended. Is anyone aware of any issues with Hosting options?

Question 2. As a rapidweaver user (basically this means I am not that good with creating websites) I would be interested in changing some of the Style with XenForo. Specifically can I use CSS to change areas like the Nav Menu boarders from curved to straight angles? I managed to do this in googles editing suite on the main site but can it be down through an editing suit once purchased?


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Thanks for the response. Can I purchase the XenForo basic version and buy the extra add ons later such as the branding free version?