Pre-Sale Questions

I am wondering if Xenforo will meet our needs.

1. I noticed there is a XenAPI plugin, but it was last updated in Dec 2014. Does it still work with the latest version? Are there plans for a built in XenForo API?

2. Is anyone using XenForo on one of Arvixe's Shared Windows Plan? I have ran into issues with other PHP applications having some trouble, so just wondering if anyone had any problems.

3. Does anyone see a problem with installing XenForo on a website that uses Web Pages (Razor), and just sticking it in a new folder "/forums"? I know XenForo isn't ASP, but the hosting plan also supports php/mysql, so should be good there. I could install it on our Linux hosting account, but I would prefer to keep it on the main website that uses windows/

4.We plan on using the XenAPI to create new users when users create a new account on our main website, update passwords, and change groups. I like how it's just making a request to (forumUrl/api?key=key&vars=vars) to use the XenAPI. Is there a built in way to do this without using a plugin?

5. After purchasing a license, can I continue to use the forum after the year is up without purchasing an extension? I just wouldn't get any updates from what I've ready in other threads, right?



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1. I can't really speak to the functionality of the add-on or whether it works with the current version. In terms of whether it would be in a future release, we're aware of the suggestion but we don't currently have any public roadmaps.

2. I know some of the Arvixe guys are active here, but I'm not aware of people explicitly using it on a Windows shared plan from them (though if it works, they wouldn't really have had any reason to ask us). There are plenty of installs on IIS.

3. As long as the requests in that folder aren't being "grabbed" by whatever is in the root and as long as PHP works in that location, I don't see why it wouldn't work.

4. There isn't a way to do things like this programmatically (via web requests) without a specific API for it.

5. Correct.