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I would like to setup a forum for my customer and it's my first forum as an administrator. I already have a business and would like to add a "recurring billing" forum to my services. I have 2 main "subjects" in my business and would like to have both of them in the same forum as they are related. So, for this threat, just say Subject A and Subject B. Here are my questions:

1. May I have many "paiement options" as Subject A = A$, Subject B = B$, Subject A+B = C$ (rebate price).
2. May I have 100% rebate Coupon Code to have some paid and free customer for the same Subject.
3. May I have a free customer for Subject A and the same customer paid for Subject B.
4. Is there a Mail Chimp list management to subscribe member according to their interest (A, B or A+B). If yes, if they cancel their recurring billing, do they get deleted from the MailChimp list?
5. Do member can earn points for trophies for posting a picture in the Media Gallery?

Thank you very much.
And sorry for my bad spelling, I'm French...
For question 4, I have mention MailChimp but with my recent reshearch on the Ressource, I've seen Nubita.Kun is working on it for it next release of Integration, so I guess I will push myself to finally use Sendy...
Items 1 and 2 would require custom development.

User upgrades are built in but it isn't possible to adjust the prices of upgrades based on other purchased upgrades.

Item 3 would be possible via user group promotions and permissions.

Trophies are possible based on the number of media items posted.
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