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pre-sale question

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by IPSec, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. IPSec

    IPSec New Member

    Hello there,

    I like the features of xenforo and would like to buy it, before I have a few questions, I wonder if you are answered.

    • Can we integrate Facebook or twitter or other social portal for users registration with forum? Or also support auto share once the user submits post or reply anywhere in the forum ?
    • What option you have for spam/recpatcha protection security options?
    • Can forum bridge with Joomla or WordPress cms?
    • Can user subscribe with the individual sub forum and posts or particular user?
    • Can forum support Smartphone or tablet OS, any specific app for Smartphones?
    • How many users and posts can register?
    • Is there performance issue after such amount of database size or any of form like users/posts/replies/subforum etc.?
    • What is the approximate amount of sub-forum that we can have for steady performance?
    • Any specific programming language knowledge requirement?
    • Can we customize theme according to our current website design? if yes
    • Please specify program requirements!
    • Any specific hardware requirement for server and can its good for software if we use shared web hosting ?
    • Can we make an auto rank / point/badge/promotion system with forum for users?
    • How often forum gets updated? Or any major update has scheduled at this Year?
    • Can you elaborate, to compare vbulletin or ipboard what's unique features xenforo have?
    • Please specify any limitation have with forum software?
    • Software displays "powered by" or forum "software name" in the forum (Website)?
    • During the course of registering with the xenforo community forum, have faced there is no password filed during registration even not received password in email exclude activation link, and when I attempt to password change on profile its also required old password before changing. So I didn't succeed to change my password and forced to apply forget the password process and generated new password only for applying password for my newbie account.If I buy xenforo than my users also have to pass from this situation? Is there another way to avoid this issue in xenforo software?

    Waiting for your kind reply

  2. Brandon Sheley

    Brandon Sheley Well-Known Member

    1. yes, there is facebook and twitter login opitons
    2. several spam addons available
    3. there is one for wp for sure that I know of
    4. yes, may need an addon
    5. there is a mobile skin, also addons like tapatalk
    6. unlimited
    7. no, but that would depend on the size of the site
    8. unlimited*
    9. php
    10. yes
    11. typical server requirements http://xenforo.com/help/
    12. " "
    13. yes
    14. as needed
    15. do a search, many have asked this
    16. only your imagination
    17. in the footer, you can buy brandfree
    18. you set your pass on registration, you can request your pass if you forget it after registration
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  3. IPSec

    IPSec New Member

    Thanks Brandon for reply

    can you please answers below questions as well ?

    - Please reconfirm, Apart from login authentication, auto share option also available with xenforo ? Mean anybody create new account /reply any post, that post will automatically share with respective user accounts and forum social account like FB/Twiteer ??
    - All add-on are paid ? or complementary with xenforo Lic.
    - " No, but that would depend on the size of the site" can you explain more? What is the approximate amount of size that we can have for steady performance?

  4. Brandon Sheley

    Brandon Sheley Well-Known Member

    there is no "auto share".. There are the built in social bookmarks you'll see at the bottom of the page, google+,Twitter,Facebook. You can also click on the post number and you'll have more social bookmarking sites that you can share the post on.

    they are not all paid, some are free to licensed users

    Well... a larger very active site 500,1000,5000 users on it at once will require more resources then a site that has 10 users visit a day (y)
    I don't have a large site by any means but I have the forum and a dozen or so blogs on a 30$'sh a month vps and it runs fine if that helps?

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