XF 1.4 Pre-fix issues

Emil JaBo

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I'm attempting to set up a group of pre-fixes and I'm having trouble with certain prefixes not showing up in the drop down list for selection when I create a topic. Some of the pre-fixes have similar names, for example:

5 Staffel (II Gruppe) (Red)
5 Staffel (II Gruppe) (White)

Now I gather that the pre-fixes cannot have the exact same title otherwise only one of the pre-fixes will show up in the list, but as you can see in the above example they are different, but only "5 Staffel (II Gruppe) (Red)" is showing up in the list. So am I right in thinking that the pre-fix system only looks at the first few characters of the name to determine if the labels are the same as each other? I have several like this and I cannot work out why some are not showing up. "5 Staffel (II Gruppe) (Red)" is set to display order 170 and "5 Staffel (II Gruppe) (White)" is set to display order 180. They should both be showing up in the list...

Any help is appreciated. :)

Emil JaBo

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I notice the following sentence in the XenForo pre-fix information page:

"There is no limit to the number of characters which can be used for a title, but obvious practicalities need to be taken into account."

What does "obvious practicalities" refer to exactly?


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The only reasons why some prefixes wouldn't show up would be due to permissions and settings.

The similar names will have no effect.