MG 1.1 Pre defined Tags for Media Uploads



I have in my board a XFMG media category - Food and I would like to add few pre defined tags for this media category like baking, summer cooler drinks, desserts.
So when a user uploads image to this category - Food - these pre defined tags automatically populates so the user choose them and uploads images.

Is this doable with admincp setting?
Please confirm.
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is it atleast possible to associate a set of tags to a media category, like

Food category has tags - baking, drinks, desserts

Arts & Crafts has tags - pencil sketches, doodle etc.

i.e these tags could be added ONLY to the respective media category.

Chris D

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No there's nothing like that. It's actually something that would need to be added to XF itself -- it uses the same system as XF for tags in threads.