Potential customer looking for some specific features

Hi there,

I'm currently going through the ACP in a xenforo demo to get used to the features, and I have some questions regarding some addons that I would like to be able to use (I'm not able to view resource details until I purchase, apparently..).

Just a quick background: I'm one of the leaders of a professional gaming community and we are looking to move over to a better forum infrastructure from PHPBB.

Some features that I would like to have are as follows:

- Application template, preferably on user registration but after the fact is fine. This will be used to answer questions asked of new applicants and allow them to answer in multiple formats (paragraph, radio/checkboxes). Ideally it would be nice for the answers to be auto-populated in a new forum thread in a specific area.
- Ability to send private messages to user groups
- Voice app integration (Teamspeak, GameVox)
- Chat app

Can anyone confirm the existence of add-ons that could allow those capabilities? Thanks!


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User group conversations - http://xenforo.com/community/resources/conversation-essentials.275/
Chat -http://xenforo.com/community/resources/taigachat-pro-realtime-chat-shoutbox.1224/
Teamspeak in sidebar -http://xenforo.com/community/resources/teamspeak-viewer-gametracker.1982/

I'm not sure about the application template because it will be dependent on the specifics of what you require. It would certainly be possible to create a Page Node containing whatever form(s) you require from the users.
Just a couple follow-up questions

1. Is it possible to import data for the new forum from two separate forums? I noted that it doesn't seem to be possible with the base install, but have any addons been made to accomplish this? The reason I ask is that we will of course be importing our own forums, but we have recently acquired a large guild in a merger that uses their own forum currently and I'd like to be able to import their database as well.
2. If not, will it be possible to link externally for a specific forum category? For example, if I can't import forums from a merger guild, can I set up a forum category that points to their external forum when the link is clicked?


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1 might be possible but definitely not out of the box, 2 is possible (in that you can have links appearing as forum nodes). However, you'd still have 2 different forums, 2 different user lists, etc.

Edit: Sounds like 1 is possible as per @SamL's post :)
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Importing multiple forums into one installation is not an issue.
You will be prompted to resolve any conflicts relating to duplicate user names and email addresses.

You will of course only be able to retain IDs for one of the imports, should you choose to do that.
What will be affected by not being able to retain IDs on the second import? Sorry, I'm a little bit new to the backend infrastructure of how a forum actually works.


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User IDs, thread IDs, post IDs - basically anything which has an ID.

You can't retain them for multiple imports as there can only be one of each, obviously.