postSave Resource discussion thread id is zero


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Hi folks,

I have an add-on which extends data writer. The hint used is "XenResource_DataWriter_Update"

In my _postSave function I can see the resource_id when a resource is added but the discussion_thread_id is always zero.

My code:
    $f = $this->getModelFromCache('XenResource_Model_Resource');

Here is what I get when I get a resource in the function:
    [resource_id] => 312
    [title] => sdf
    [tag_line] => asdfasf
    [user_id] => 1
    [username] => Crispin
    [resource_state] => visible
    [resource_date] => 1469051740
    [resource_category_id] => 6
    [current_version_id] => 0
    [description_update_id] => 0
    [discussion_thread_id] => 0
    [external_url] => 
    [is_fileless] => 0
    [external_purchase_url] => 
    [price] => 0.00
    [currency] => 
    [download_count] => 0
    [rating_count] => 0
    [rating_sum] => 0
    [rating_avg] => 0
    [rating_weighted] => 3
    [update_count] => 0
    [review_count] => 0
    [last_update] => 1469051740
    [alt_support_url] => 
    [had_first_visible] => 1
    [custom_resource_fields] => a:0:{}
    [prefix_id] => 0
    [icon_date] => 0
    [tags] => a:0:{}

If I hardcode a previously saved id, 300, I do get the value back.

Why is it not available the way I am doing it? I'm really confused. :(

Is the resource category setup to create a thread in a forum when a resource is created?

Doh - should have said - yes, it is. The thread is created, I can see like normal. Just the id is not updated in the array.

I've done some more digging.

In XenResource DataWriter there is a function called _insertDiscussionThread. It is this which sets the thread id after creating the thread. This is called by the _postSave function in datawriter.

If I put a debug print in there and a debug print at the bottom of my _postSave function I can see that my _postSave function is called before the the real one. This is why it's not populated.

My function looks like this:
class Crispin_Bla_DataWriter_DataWriter extends XFCP_Crispin_Bla_DataWriter_DataWriter
    public function _postSave()
        // call parent

Am I simply just calling it wrong?
I'm assuming you're doing parent::_postSave() before your code?

If you are, that's a strange one, and I'm not 100% sure what would cause it...

Yup. Parent save is the first line of my function.

Is my function actually overriding the real postsave? I don't think it is. They appear to be running sequential.
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