XF 2.2 Posts that are read/unread aren't displaying properly


I'm sure this is my fault since I'm using a self modified style where I changed a lot of colors. But I noticed on the default forums posts that have been read are normal weight and unread posts are bold. But on mine every link is bold. However, if I change the links to normal then all the threads are normal whether they are read or unread.

What I would like to do is make my custom style have the same behavior of unread=bold, read=normal as the default style. Or at the very least have an indicator similar to the nodes index that shows the different colors of read vs unread.

Does anyone have any guidance as to where I can find or modify these changes within my style properties?

Thank you.
Also, is there a style guide of some kind that gives clarity on where the items are located? It feels like a guessing game when trying to make a change to see what it affects or worse, when trying to find where a specific change is located, such as my above example of how read/unread posts are marked.
So I was actually able to fix this problem be removing "bold" from links. However, inside of a post links are no unidentifiable since they are the same color as the basic text (white) due to the darker theme.

What I would need now is the ability to make the links inside of a post, and only inside the post be bold or underlined while the rest of the links on the forums (navigation, etc) remain as they are. Is there a way to do this with css, and if so, where would I actually place that code?
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