Duplicate [Suggestion] auto-save posts that are being typed


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I tried searching for it, but did not find anything. Therefore, I want to suggest a feature that would solve one of my main peeves in vB.

If I am in the middle of writing a long post/new thread, and accidently end up clicking the back button on my mouse, or experiencing a browser crash, my work is completely and totally gone. I would love if Xenforo would implement something like an auto-save function, similar to what is done in GMail, where anything that was not committed is saved either in the database, or perhaps a cookie.

Thus, if for whatever reason my browser crashes or I hit a wrong button, my work would not be completely lost. Implement this, and you'll have a feature that would ensure I and my users would love Xenforo forever.


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A few days back I accidentally clicked a link here while typing and the message was still there when I returned. This may not always work though, since it isn't a real autosave in the sense you are suggesting.