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Daniel Hood

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Posts Per Day - Show off how active your members are on a daily basis.

This adds a page to the notable members page which displays the users with the highest average daily post count.

It also displays the average in the member card and next to their posts (if the style property for showing message counts is turned on).

Admin Phrases
  • most_messages_per_day (used as the tab name for notable members)
  • average_posts_per_day (used as the text in the user info block by posts, the member card, and the profile page stats block)
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Daniel Hood

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Like an average posts per month stat instead of day or in addition to it? I suppose I could add an option to toggle the setting?

Or are you wants the number of posts within the current month?

Daniel Hood

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That's an entirely different concept, that's it's own page. This is ectending user stats. That's more similar to my hall of fame add on which I do plan to severely revamp and possibly merge with my notable member add on now that I know how to work with xF more.