Lack of interest Posts containing HTML not shown correctly


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Hi, I've imported my forum from vB3 and there are some posts that are generated automatically by a script which post in the stats for the forums for the month. These are posted in as HTML.


However, there doesn't appear to be a setting in XF that enables HTML in threads - note, this isn't set in vB either, but the thread & post are manually inserted into the DB by the script, so it just displays it.

I presume XF calls htmlentities() or similar on the content it pulls out of the db (or even when its saved) - is there any way to disable this or could you add in an option on a per node basis where you can allow HTML content, as per vB.


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Surely it should be a standard option though. I know addons are fine, but I'd rather not have loads of small addons installed that patch functionality into XF that may well break at some point - it just makes upgrading that bit more of a PITA.


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Allowing HTML in posts has security implications, which is why BB Code was created.

Are there any forums which allow HTML to be posted in threads as part of the core software?


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VB does...

i agree, its not ideal, but if the thread was saved by an external script (as in this case), then if its in HTML form in the database then it should display it as such (imo). Any validating and checks should be done when the post is saved, so that scripts can post HTML content in & bypass these checks, but users posting data can't.


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It should be a matter of permissions, as in vbulletin. I'd like to migrate a vbulletin forum to xenforo. It has many posts containing html tags (posted by admins), and none is shown correctly. If I use this addon, should I edit all the posts and add [parsehtml] tag, so that they show correctly?