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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Posting - Prevent others from posting a reply until the thread starter has finished.


The Posting add-on will allow a thread starter to prevent others from posting until the new thread is ready.

Example: if I want to create a new thread and I want the first 5 posts to be ones I created, I would put the word "posting" in the thread title. This will prevent others from making a new reply until I have completed the 5 posts and ready for replies, at that time I will remove the word "posting" from the thread title.


The word "posting" in the...
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I still can't see a use for this. Obviously @DRE and @AndyB can.

Regardless, you're doing a good job with resources recently and I have thought about installing 1 or 2. This isn't one of them though.


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Not for everyone but I could have put this to use on my forum back when I was posting a "build thread" about an old truck I was restoring.

It was a thread that followed the restoration process as I went along from start to finish so every so often, I would need to update it with some new progress photo's and the story to go with it. This would in many cases take a few posts to complete as there is a limit of photo's allowed per post. I didn't want anyone replying or posting in between my updates.

So I too went in and "reserved" a few spots by replying to myself a few times, then went back and edited them with the pics and info.

This add on would have been a perfect way to avoid going through this. (y)


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Not at this time.

Could you give an example where using another word would be better?
The word posting in a generic thread title such as "Posting on Facebook While At Work" is too commonly used. Something like -TCP- (Thread Creation in Progress) is not commonly used so just adding -TCP- could work better.


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What If a member what's to use the first 5 posts?
seriously, I have no reason to reserve posts.. if and when I choose to do that I think it would be prudent to maybe do it this way:
  1. do NOT list the forum in the nodelist (nobody can view the contents until I think that is is ready)
  2. I can edit contents of all my posts to my heart's content, edit my first post when it is required.
  3. plan everything out first! prepare all of my info BEFORE I create the thread.
share your thoughts on this issue ... enlighten me please


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All forums are different - some of my members will use this. Not often but useful at times. I'd like an option for 24, 48 or 72 hour expiry!