Posting / writing / language ticks?


Formerly CyclingTribe
I have a particlar writing tick in that I overuse commas. I know I'm doing it, but can't help it, they just feel "right" where I apply them, and fit in with that I feel is the "natural" way the conversation would flow.

I'm also ^^ prone to wrapping words in quotes for emphasis, but only when I feel it's a vague reference.

Some people's posting "style" is very obvious and even under a different username you would know it is them.

So do you have any curious posting oddities?

Shaun :D

^^^ oh and that's another one. I say "Cheers" at the end of my posts, and have done for years and years, so much so I can't not do it now as it doesn't feel like one of my posts if I don't (although I do remove it where it wouldn't be appropriate). But why "Cheers"? Lord knows, but it has stuck and is a part of the online me. :)


I have too many.

Having been on IRC for 15 years I have also learned to just drop words out of a sentence.

Being on the Internet has also ruined my 'syntax'.

Then again, I finished my education with a 9.4 out of 10 for the English language.
So whatttevz