XF 1.2 Post reports not working

Hi guys,

I'm a total novice to XenForo and have come across a problem whereby the post reports just don't seem to be working properly.

When I make a test report then go to forum/reports/ it appears empty?

Then when I search for reports from the account they originated from, I find this...

Which is weird... then when I click the Unknown Content link, it just throws me this error:

The style I'm using is UI.X by Audentio Design http://www.audentio.com/shop/view/XenForo/ui.x-23

Unfortunately, I don't have a version of the site online as I'm still configuring it locally before we go live.

Any help you guys could give would be great! Thanks in advance :)


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Ensure you have explicitly made yourself a moderator.
Just adding the permissions isn't enough.

Also, disable any add-ons and try again to rule out any add-on related issues.


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This behavior definitely looks like incorrect permissions on the moderator end. It most situations, they can only see details about reports that they can actually handle (by editing or deleting, for example).
im still having this issue i disabled my one add on and the problem still persists. Made myself a super mod as well and permissions all set