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Hello. Been working on reducing/eliminating 404 error's on the site...and I'm finding in many thread post quotes where a member has been banned...the link in the quote is generating a 404 error.

Here are a couple screenshots to help explain:

  • screenshot of original quote in the thread.
  • Circled portion is a link in the quote...if it's clicked on...you get the "Oops! We ran into some problems." page.
  • If the link is hovered over with the mouse cursor...can see the link URL as:

Also the forum member "lenco12" must have been banned at some point (confirmed when checking in the Admin area).

quote 1.png

* If the "Edit" button for the post is clicked on...here's what things look like:

quote 2.png

Correct thread post quotes that don't generate a 404 error of course look like this:

* https://www.example.com/goto/post?id=13489 * (mouse cursor hover over)


I'm guessing from screenshot #2...it's the "0" reference that's causing the 404 error. I have quite a few of these to fix...and was wondering what's causing this? Is it related to the member being banned...or something else?


p.s. Seems to happen primarily with banned members (maybe 80-90% of the time)...but I've spotted cases with regular/active members too.
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