XF 1.3 Post history permissions?


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Are there specific permissions as to who can view post edit history in the new Xenforo. (Updated from 1.1.5 -> 1.3.1 today) Currently it seems as all my Moderators/Administrators can view post edit history.


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Is there any way to restrict this to administrators?
Administrators, Moderators and User Groups are different concepts in XenForo - you can give somebody Administrator status but have him remain in the Registered Users user group. Ditto for Moderators.

Give your Administrators Moderator status.


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Since I'm not sure this question was ever answered, I'll ask again, is there a way to restrict who can view the post history? I'd like some of my moderators to be able to view the history, but not all of them.


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Apply the permission at the user level, not user group level although post history is not an explicit permissions - it's likely tied in with edit post by anyone (I would have to check).