XF 1.5 Post disappears after using Edit overlay on pages w/AdSense


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I have a strange issue since adding AdSense to my ad_message_below template.

When editing a post and then submitting the changes, the post disappears! Though the other posts (except the edited one) remain intact.

When I check the console I see this error:

If I refresh the page, the edited post appears correctly - just the AJAX is not refreshing the post correctly after immediately using the edit overlay.

I've tried on default style with the same effect, however haven't yet disabled add-ons yet.

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated, thanks!
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It's a JS problem due to the AdSense ad.

I believe someone posted a fix of sorts a while ago but I can't recall what it was now.
I'll see if I can find it.


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Unfortunately upon closer examination it appears it requires an core file edit which I'm not comfortable doing: library/XenForo/ViewPublic/Thread/ViewPosts.php

As a workaround for now I just disabled the inline edit in Options > Messages