Post a "Notice" if someone posts to a particular forum?

Running a Jetboaters forum and we were wondering if there is an Addon that would allow me to customize the "Notice" options to post a canned "Notice" to the board if someone posted to a particular forum.

We were thinking of having a "Help Me Quick" forum for "emergencies"- but we won't call them that for obvious reasons, but wanted a way that a post there would gain everyone's attention.

Use case is....I'm on the water and my boat won't start.....

Post in the help me quick forum, and a notice is posted say ... "Please see the help me quick section...boater needs help now".

I didn't see an addon that would do this.

Related---Would also love to be able to give members trophies for the # of posts made in a particular forum.
In short, a Notice criteria that triggered a Notice if a new post is added to a forum.
Or perhaps if a particular hashtag was used?
Or perhaps if a particular person was tagged?

Also a Trophy counter for # of posts to a forum. (less important).