XF 1.2 Possible To Limit 'Author Location'?


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It's currently set to 50 characters, is it possible to limit this?

The problem is, I have a custom style and the location breaks the style when it's over a certain number of characters, and 50 is much too high for me :(.


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Hmm, no add-on seems to exist :(.

I can disable the location from showing in the mini-profile and I can create a new custom user field named 'Location2' which I can set up the same with the exception of limiting the characters :). The problem is, I now how two locations which makes no sense to new members.

Is there a way to delete the default Location? Or is this just not possible? Thanks.


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Bump for question relating to deleting the 'default' location. As I said, it's all good when I create a new one, I just want to get rid of the original 'Location'. Is this possible to be removed entirely?


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You'd have to delete the location from all the templates necessary (mostly in the account/registration, I guess). At least, that'd be the best approximation.