Is it possible to limit to the new threads the global RSS feed?


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I use the feed for Google, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages, but the global feed include all the "discussed" threads and not the new threads only.

Is it possible to limit to the new threads the global RSS feed?

Jake Bunce

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I think you want this:


Remove the red code:

Rich (BB code):
	public function getGlobalForumRss()
		$threadModel = $this->_getThreadModel();
		$visitor = XenForo_Visitor::getInstance();

		$threadsPerPage = max(1, XenForo_Application::get('options')->discussionsPerPage);
		$autoReadDate = XenForo_Application::$time - (XenForo_Application::get('options')->readMarkingDataLifetime * 86400);

		$threads = $threadModel->getThreads(
			array('find_new' => true, 'last_post_date' => array('>', $autoReadDate)),
				'limit' => $threadsPerPage * 3, // to filter
				'order' => 'last_post_date',
				'join' =>
					XenForo_Model_Thread::FETCH_FORUM | XenForo_Model_Thread::FETCH_FORUM_OPTIONS |
				'permissionCombinationId' => $visitor['permission_combination_id']
		foreach ($threads AS $key => $thread)
			$thread['permissions'] = XenForo_Permission::unserializePermissions($thread['node_permission_cache']);

			if (!$threadModel->canViewThreadAndContainer($thread, $thread, $null, $thread['permissions']))
		$threads = array_slice($threads, 0, $threadsPerPage, true);

		$viewParams = array(
			'threads' => $threads
		return $this->responseView('XenForo_ViewPublic_Forum_GlobalRss', '', $viewParams);
Now the global feed will order threads by thread start date, not last post date.


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Thank you Jacke, as always you know the answer! :love:
I'll test this and report back for future readers (y)


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One more thing Jake. Do I need to run a cron or something else for refresh the RSS Feed cache (if exists)?
Thank you


@giorgino did you figure this out? I have made the edit above, but it did not make a difference. This post was from 2012 so things might have changed as well. Any idea @Jake Bunce ?

[edit My mistake... forgot I had cache on my server . After refresh works!]


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Weird question with Xenforo 1.5 is there a way to get it so it DOES what it used to do with the posts in global RSS reposting every time there is a new reply?