XF 1.5 Possible to "hide" removed from view posts?


Is there any way, either by settings or a plugin that would allow moderators to decide if they want to see the hidden "removed from view" deleted posts?

In periods we have a problem with "human spam bots", we catch them through the report system (linking outside the domain) and use the "remove spam" on the offending member. So our regular members never see the spam posts.

The issue is that for our moderators, some of the forums can get stacked up with posts that has been hidden, making it hard to view the real posts in between. I have attached a screenshot to show what I mean.

What I am looking for, is some way for our moderators to be able to "turn on/off" view hidden posts, allowing them to still see them if needed.



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You can set an option under Spam Management options to move deleted spam threads to a specific forum. That is how we handle it, just create a new forum node naming it whatever and set it in the spam options.
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