Fixed  Poll Voters Popup Needs Pagination

I was looking at the poll in this thread and took a look at who voted for the first option. There were 55 voters at that time, so the list was really long (see attached screenshot). The popup needs to be tweaked to allow for lots of voters (perhaps some sort of AJAX pagination). Scrolling the page down doesn't help since the popup doesn't move.



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Confirmed, I think an endless scrolling dialog would be fine but it needs to be set to a maximum height of say 90% the browser of something as currently you can't see past the first 20-25 users.
Kinda like an ajax pagination like facebook and not just the poll voters. Also the followers list and following list and basically anything that uses this box thing to return a list of results.


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I've made it scrollable, which should help unless there are a massive amount of voters. Still, could do with shrinking the list or handling it a bit differently. The poll stuff doesn't look great currently.


The poll feature can certainly use some work, for for an alpha, it's already quite good. I am sure it will enjoy a bit of a revamp in the coming builds, or releases.