Duplicate PM Messanger for 2.0?

First of all I know xenForo as whole is trying to keep its own niche, but it would be really interesting to see something like what vBulletin came out in 5.2.6, Personal Messages can open a small window and work like a Instant Messenger.
And when you go to see your Inbox it still holds that conversation. So even though the other person is offline they will still see those messages in the inbox as you would with normal PM's. Of course if both were online they can engage like its a instant messaging system.

However if there is some way of making this a thing that would make interaction pretty cool for members. I'll have to give to them at vB that was a clever feature.

Chris D

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I certainly appreciate the differences between this suggestion, and the suggestion I'm about to link to; but I don't feel they're necessarily mutually exclusive approaches. There's certainly some overlap, at least, especially with the instant messaging aspect between online users. Though, realistically, if something like that was implemented, there would have to be some element of chat history and offline message queuing so I recommend directing discussion of the proposed feature to this existing thread:


I should probably add, this isn't going to be in 2.0, either. Suggestions can and will be considered for any future version.


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The difference between improving conversations with chat and adding a chat addon is important. It is exactly why a people will not vote for the suggestion.
I really don't think it's needed as we have PMs/Conversations already. Just my opinion.