Browser issue pls fix this annoying bug

You hack the code to use redactor? With as much problems as they are having with CKEditor and the HTML only format (no BBCode) how is it working?

We've been using redactor over a year now :) Other than this late bug it is ok but implementation was painful though because of the stupid parsing method ipb chooses
Discovered today what the key difference will be between Chrome 47 and 48 on iOS.

Chrome 48 will be the first version which supports WKWebKitView instead of UIWebKitView.

This should effectively mean that Chrome iOS should now have the same performance improvements as recent versions of Safari. Probably the same bugs, though, but this isn't one of them :)

Chrome 48 for iOS has been released which should resolve this issue for you guys.
I'm writing this message to say thanks for top work and follow up on this Chris, and to say the issues for me when using Chrome have been resolved. I can now touch anywhere in the sentence to refocus the cursor and it's working beautifully.
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