Please comment on my 'debug' result


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Just enabled the debug mode on our live installation for the first time and found the following -

Opening Any Thread :
Timing: 0.3293 seconds Memory: 5.456 MB DB Queries: 25

Forum Home:
Timing: 0.2413 seconds Memory: 5.136 MB DB Queries: 20

Curious to know if this is acceptable or I should look at fixing anything?
Compared to other forum software (naming no names) that is still acceptable.
Right, let's not talk about vB5 :D. How does it look as compared to most other XF installations? I've enabled the widget framework add-on on all the pages so wondering if everything is in good condition. Anything I should look at optimising or fixing?
The default query count for a thread is around 11.

So you've got 14 extra queries.

If you click on the number of seconds it will bring up a very detailed view of what queries are being run. This should tell you what add-ons are generating them.

Sometimes, add-on developers forget to cache a template or a phrase which can generate a query. This obviously adds up over time. Also, I have seen a few bugs in old versions of add-ons whereby the same queries kept running. One was actually Nodes as Tabs I think clashing with DigitalPoint Ads Positioning and it kept running the same query over and over. This was quite quickly fixed but sometimes we don't always update add-ons straight away so if you do identify add-ons with an unexpected query count then maybe updating them will solve the problem.

Also if you have Widget Framework installed, make sure you are caching the widgets. I think the cache setting is in the PHP file for the renderer. You would have had to manually edit these files to turn the cache off. If you've done this, then this will potentially generate a large number of queries on every page load when it might only need to generate 1.
Ours are:

Forum home:
Timing: 0.5722 seconds Memory: 24.098 MB DB Queries: 20

Timing: 0.2016 seconds Memory: 6.924 MB DB Queries: 19

That is with quite a few addons (including xenporta) as well as a lot of traffic at the minute (1700 users online)
I'd definitely check where your queries are coming from... my home page has 7 queries and one of those is for ad delivery, so really 6. And viewing a thread is +1 to that number.

Does XenPorta generate queries when not on the XenPorta page?
This is my forum home (with Widget Framework and have them caching):
Timing: 0.1074 seconds Memory: 6.846 MB DB Queries:13
Timing:0.0663 seconds Memory:6.125 MB DB Queries: 13
Timing: 0.0654 seconds Memory: 6.565 MB DB Queries:11

Random Thread:
Timing: 0.1082 seconds Memory: 5.364 MB DB Queries: 9

Xenporta Page (Site home):
Timing: 0.0817 seconds Memory: 4.395 MB DB Queries: 12

Forum Home:
Timing: 0.1588 seconds Memory: 5.617 MB DB Queries: 8

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