Place a RM entry in multiple RM categories


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I use resource manager for games and split by genre but some games are multiple genre and listing them in both categories would be great instead of just one. Music & Movies are similar in nature.


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oops... me too - i ask the same thing. :) +1

Ok, we can handy copy them (the resources) - but thats not a smart way. ;)

Digital Doctor

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I would like to be able to place RM entries in multiple RM categories.
The addons effectively only have one category ... as the first category is wasted on categorizing them as "addons". And the lucky addons that get a second helpful category called "New Applications" or "Other" don't have even one category that helps !
Is this feature maybe also implemented in RM 2.0? This would be a great extension. I know there is a plugin for this, but this has some problems and has not been updated since the release.

It would be great if this became an integral part of the RM.