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How would I go about grabbing the page title to place it somewhere in my pages?

What I am doing is editing the styling and format of the help pages. However, since I am unable to change the location of the titlebar (Without changing it on all other pages) I want to hide that and place the title somewhere else in my code.

I have tried several different things. All to no avail.

I'm doing this because we are transferring all of our wordpress content over to XenForo. We have a "guide" section on our wordpress installation, and we decided since we upgraded to XenForo, we will move these pages over to the XenForo help section but keep the similar design.
Wordpress: https://snaap.me/4F5n6u
XenForo (Not completed) https://snaap.me/qXVfRP

We want the page title to show in that blank space.
This will display the page tile:

Or whatever works between the title tags.
I have tried that to no avail: https://snaap.me/uqh3K1

it does not place the title where I put it, but it changes the titleBar to the board title instead of using the page title. (Right now the page title should be Help, placing that in my page changes it to the board title)

Even tried to simple put {$page.title} but that don't work either.
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