Pirated liscence?

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Hello :),

First, I’m French, so excuse my English because I don’t speak it very well :/

With my friends, we want to make a minecraft server with a forum running Xenforo, but we are young and we don’t have lot of money. We are less than 50 with all our community, and we don’t want to make money, just enjoy.

So our question is:
What appends if we took a crack version of xenforo at first, and maybe buy a license after, if a lot of people want to give us money.

We read that theoretically we can had a very big fine (I don’t know if it’s the good word :/) of € 3000.
Is it true? And who receive this fine?
We also read that in practice, you just contact the admin and ask them to buy a licence or close their forum…
Do what does we really risk?

Thank you for your answer.

Your faithfully,
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