1. L

    nulled to license

    Hello, I bought a forum page and he gave me the files. When I asked my friend, he said that these files were fake and that I should get an original license, I will buy a license, but is it possible to transfer things such as topics and members to the original license?
  2. Just Watch

    Not a bug Leak XenForo Invalid Reporting

    <removed> Please use xenforo unlicensed. Sorry if I opened the issue in the wrong place.
  3. Paul ALexis

    Nulled Xenforo

    I Saw a forum site that uses nulled xenforo . You might wanna know about this
  4. Y

    Pirated liscence?

    Hello :), First, I’m French, so excuse my English because I don’t speak it very well :/ With my friends, we want to make a minecraft server with a forum running Xenforo, but we are young and we don’t have lot of money. We are less than 50 with all our community, and we don’t want to make...
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