1. RG70Hz

    Upgrading XenForo license

    I bought a license back in 2013 version 1.2.9. If I purchase the extension will I get access to the newer xenforo? Is there an option to purchase a license for the newer xenforo? permanently ?
  2. N

    Transfering license ownership

    Is there a way to transfer license ownership from one account to another? It's an expired license, we are trying to separate the license and hosting from the previous account holder and set everything up under a different account and hosting. Is this a possiblity without any data loss? Can we...
  3. B

    Licence Trasfered

    Hi, I want to transfer the license. However, they blocked it, claiming it wasn't mine. I've sent invoices and credentials. Still not solved the problem
  4. pothi

    XF 2.1 [Resolved] License expired, tried upgrading without success

    Hello, We had our forum with version 1.x. Our license expired a few days back. We had downloaded the latest version (2.x) before license expiration. We tried to upgrade from version 1.x to 2.x . It went through until we received the following message... Now, the frontend is okay. However, we...
  5. LandyVlad

    Change ownership/migrate server

    This is a potential scenario for me, in a not-for-profit context. I've no previous Xenforo experience, but do run a different SMF forum so am familiar with general hosting etc. Existing Xenforo forum ( on Host A. Owned by person 1. Person 1 may cede/ nominally 'sell' to me (as...
  6. Z

    How to associate existing license and new account?

    Hello! I've bought a forum on Xenforo. License is expired now. I need to buy some extensions and plugins. Unfortunately, previous owner didn't give me the license. So i want to create new account on XenForo for this forum and extend the license with it. What should i do for that?
  7. Y

    Pirated liscence?

    Hello :), First, I’m French, so excuse my English because I don’t speak it very well :/ With my friends, we want to make a minecraft server with a forum running Xenforo, but we are young and we don’t have lot of money. We are less than 50 with all our community, and we don’t want to make...
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