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Pinterest Pin It Share Button 1.0

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Rho Delta

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The Pet Board submitted a new resource:

Pinterest Pin It Share Button (version 1.0) - Pin all images in a page to Pinterest with one simple button.

Options in the Admin CP to enable or disable the button from the Share Page (footer), Sidebar or Lightbox overlay!
Admin CP > Home > Options > Pinit Share Button


Many thanks to Yorik for turning the...

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Digital Doctor

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Pin a Page

... not sure where this is in the form .. but a hover over PIN IT

A very handy PINIT in the image "browser".

Looks great !


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Works great when I test but when I sent a link to my wife, her iPad didn't allow her to pin the image/thread. Just took her back to my forumhome. Any way to get this to be Apple tablet compatible?


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At one point it was working in my gallery but isn't anymore. I have no idea why.


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Thanks Chris I did get it installed and seems to be working as intended. I do have a question though when it says Enable Pinterest Share Button in Image Lightbox in the ACP I am not sure what this means. In your screenshot above how did you get the images to display in the black box? If I want the pin it button to appear on individual posts in certain areas is there a way to do that or do I need some sort of image gallery or add on?
(I really don't know too much about how images work in xenforo I just know I hate the way they look at my site. these are probably stupid questions and I apologize)


I installed it but when trying to use it I get "
  • Sorry we could not fetch the image
Any idea if I have to change something?

Core Freedom

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Sorry for asking this. I have trouble uploading this file. I unzipped the file and upload the folder called "upload" via Filezilla. Then I went to the admin/install new add-on area and tried uploading the xml file but I seem to be doing something wrong. Would you mind posting exact installation instructions?

Thank you so much. (y)
It looks like the "Pin it" button only appears when you mouse over an image. Is there anyway to make the "Pin it" button display all of the time instead of having to mouseover it?