XF 2.2 Pictures with links on Custom page

@Brogan Thanks a lot, it works great.

Yet another question about the pages.
I want to make a page for only "Admins", and move/show only a specific node on it.
I can't find how to do that, do you know?

Page nodes can be permissions controlled like any other node.

Remove the view permission from the Registered user group, allow it for the admin user group.
@Brogan Or i don't understand, or i didn't give the right info.

I have made a new page.
Now i want transfer a complete section of forums/subforums to that page.
There is the "main forum page", and i want to transfer a couple of forums to the new page.
If you know a good developer that can make this, would be nice!
For this.. I honestly don't. And I've pretty much quit (after a decade) providing detailed XF support. I'll gladly give general guidance.
I hope you can find a developer to give you what you need since so much XF customization is dependent upon 3rd parties.
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